About us

Vision and Mission Statement

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Keynsham Community Energy (KCE) is run by a group of local volunteers who all share the same goal in making Keynsham a better place to live.

Our Vision

Our vision for Keynsham is local green energy: investing in, owning, generating and saving energy for all our benefit.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support energy independence for the community of Keynsham by:

  • Generating low carbon clean energy using a mix of renewable technologies
  • Saving money through energy efficiency
  • Providing opportunities to invest in community generating energy projects

Our Aims

  • Minimising the social costs of energy use
  • Tackling fuel poverty
  • Reducing carbon emissions to address climate change
  • Building community resilience; keeping money in the local economy
  • Reducing reliance on non-renewable fossil fuels
  • Supporting better choices in energy use

If you would like to find out more about KCE or would like to get involved please contact us at info@keynshamenergy.co.uk